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Ewan Robertson is an S6 pupil in Culloden Academy who is currently in his second year of a Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills with Inverness College UHI. He is currently in a year long work placement at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness.

“My goal is to work in the performing arts and particularly in acting. My work placement allows me to experience theatre and production while studying business enables me to understand how everything works together. This will be a good background for me to concentrate on while I also pursue my acting ambitions.

Going to Inverness College UHI is a very different experience from school. In school you are working to a tight timetable and class time is limited by periods. When you study in a university environment you still have to work at a pace but it feels more relaxing and you can focus your whole day on your subject.

I like the atmosphere at in Inverness College UHI and the pace of learning. Lecturers are very supportive and there is the freedom to come into study in your own time if you need to go over something, or have some extra discussion about it.”

If you are interested in the Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills or any other FA subjects  then please speak to your guidance teacher and then visit our applications section of the schools pages in the Inverness College UHI website.

Additional information can be found by visiting

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