PHD Students Step Up to Assist Young Talent

Our PHD students have been mentoring school pupils to choose careers and study paths for the future.

Inverness College UHI welcomed more than 500 senior phase pupils into our Schools- College Programme this year to take part in a variety of yearlong subjects suited to their stage of study at school. In addition to our subject specific courses we offered a new course for 2018 called Step Up. This is a course specifically designed for Christmas school leavers to help pupils decide on, and prepare for, employment or for further study at college. This collaborative approach relies on support from Skills Development Scotland and the Highland Council and the pupils were accompanied by our own PHD students on outings and subject tasters to give advice and support on choice making and preparation for work and study.

PGR student Sam Jones said “Working with students from a variety of backgrounds was very rewarding, insightful, and valuable and I must say I may have learned as much from them as they did from me. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with these young people, who in my opinion are probably some of the most friendly and thoughtful 15 and 16 year olds that I’ve ever met. “

PGR stedent Melanie Manwaring Mackay also added ‘I really enjoyed the experience of working with the students and it was a great learning opportunity for me as well. I was very impressed by the students’ commitment to the course and I wish them every success as they move onto new things.’

abriachan forest

At the end of their course the pupils gave a presentation to staff from Skills Development Scotland, Highland Council and our own managers and lecturers based at Inverness College UHI. Of the six pupils in the group, five intend to study full time with us in January and some of the group intend to work as well.

The young people involved also used their time to not only prepare for their own journey but to also evaluate the course and feedback ideas for improvement with a demonstrable understanding of not only our own aims for this course but ‘real world’ suggestions for delivery to other in the future. 

Step Up has had a positive impact on the confidence of the students. At their final presentation I was really impressed by what they had achieved in the course and by their ability to talk in front of an audience. I am delighted that the students have applied to return to college to study or have a job to go to. – Craig Lowther, Programme and Development Manager, Education.

Pages from RC1560 IC Schools Prospectus 2019 v2 (003)Our new schools prospectus will be in schools after the holiday and 2019 Christmas  leavers can apply for Step Up from early January to start in August. Speak to your guidance teacher for details.


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