Design a poster for Waste Reduction Month and win a voucher!

cropped-garbage-1255244_1920.jpgTo support Inverness College in order to promote waste reduction awareness we are inviting both staff and students to enter a competition to design a poster with a brand name.

Possible themes could be for example, the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Waste Reduction by Recycling or Reducing the College Carbon Footprint or Environmental topics such as Saving Energy, Reducing Marine Plastics and also the bigger picture on Sustainability on Waste Reduction.

We are looking for some innovative and inspiring posters to be created that will send out a message for everyone to be more involved with waste reduction.

The winning poster will be used to promote the College Waste Reduction Initiative and will go on display throughout the College/SSF/ELCC and also on social media.

A £20 Amazon gift voucher will be presented to the person sending in the best poster. 

Posters are to be submitted IC Estates generic mailbox, address on or before 31-10-18



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